Host a wine experience! 

Help customers around the world find and experience the wine activities you offer. More exposure means more bookings and revenue.

How does it work?


Design a wine experience

All experiences start with our quality standards. Create a unique wine experience and think about how to engage with your future clients in the best way possible!


Submit your wine experience

Register as Partner and fill in the information for your experience. Once everything is completed, you’re ready to submit. Our team will read through it and let you know if it’s been approved within a few days.


Get bookings

Get bookings and communicate with your future clients. Get your payments easily. Choose a monthly or biweekly payout. You’ll pay 10% commission, only for successful direct bookings. Enquires are free! There’s no hidden cost or fees.

Show your expertise.

Open the window to the world.

Meet wine aficonados.

Make the wine world feel a little smaller.

Build your brand.

Earn money doing something you love.